Stay Clear, Stay Safe – a new activity for 2016 festival!

This year we have 10 new activity centres!  And just recently, Ontario Power Generation added to this list!  We have just learned that the Ontario Power Generation will be bringing their “Stay Clear, Stay Safe” demonstration for both days of the festival!  This is such “new” news, that it missed the Teacher’s Planning Guide and our 2016 Activity Listings and map!  On the map, it will be located in “The Pines” at location 50!

Here is the description:

  • This is a model of a dam that passes water and demonstrates how quickly waters around our facilities can become dangerous.  It is important to pay attention to the signage, fencing and booms around facilities.  Using a coil and magnet, students will understand  how dams and turbines are used to generate hydroelectricity.

Make sure you visit this activity centre on your visit to the HMK Children’s Water Festival!

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