Lather Up - Haliburton-Muskoka-Kawartha Children’s Water FestivalAll of the activity centres listed below are accessible to all children at the Festival. For most of the activities we have attempted to include the most relevant learning expectations from the Ontario curriculum. These lists of learning expectations are not exhaustive but are taken from the Science and Technology (2007), Social Studies (2013) and Health and Physical Education (2010) documents. By providing some of these learning expectations we intend to assist teachers in identifying activities which best suit their grade level and program. Some activities are described as ‘open’ to all grades because the visiting presenters have not identified specific Ontario Curriculum learning expectations.

Health and Physical Education links may not be included specifically for each activity centre however, the HMK Children’s Water Festival encompasses health and physical education by nature.  The festival is spread out over a large natural area, requiring students to walk between each activity centre, some being a distance away from each other.  Additionally, the activity centres themselves often involve some sort of physical activity to engage children.  This being said, movement is a major theme at the HMK Children’s Water Festival, relating to the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

The activity centres are grouped into five themes. Many of the activities could belong to several or all of the five themes; however, one predominant theme has been identified for each activity, to facilitate either the focused or diverse itinerary.

2017 Activity Centre Listing
2017 Activity Centre Map


2017 Activity Centres

    Activity Centre Theme Location Map #
    A-mazing Aquifer Water Protection Eagle's Nest (Inside Upper Level) 33
    Algonquin Highlands Fire Service Water Conservation Eagle's Nest (Outside) 29
    Beaver Fever Water Protection The Challenge Course/The Pines 39
    Blooming Jeopardy Water Protection The Pines 46
    Bugs in the Mud Water Science Waterfront 10
    Creeks & Critters Water Protection Waterfront 12
    Discover the Water Table Water Science Waterfront 14
    Earth in the Balance Water Protection The Pines 45
    Froggy … You are Outta There! Water Protection Baseball Diamond Field 28
    Gchi-Nbi - "Sacred Water" Water Attitudes Waterfront 15
    Getting to Know the Osprey Water Protection Baseball Diamond Field 25
    GREAT Lakes! Water Conservation Eagle's Nest (Inside Upper Level) 35
    Haliburton Fire Crew Water Conservation Waterfront 8
    How Much Water Does It Take? Water Technology Waterfront 3
    How Wet is Our Planet? Water Science Eagle's Nest (Back Porch) 37
    It's a Trout's Life Water Protection Waterfront 6
    Just Dam It! Water Protection The Challenge Course/The Pines 40
    Lather Up! Water Conservation The Pines 44
    Lay My Egg! Water Conservation Waterfront 16
    Migration Headache Water Protection The Pines 49
    Mother Nature's Respirator Water Science Waterfront 9
    Municipal Wastewater Treatment Water Technology Dining Hall (Outside) 18
    No Water Off A Duck's Back Water Protection Eagle's Nest (Inside Lower Level) 30
    Ontario Provincial Police Marine Unit Water Attitudes Eagle's Nest (Outside) 24
    Osprey Survivor Water Science Dining Hall (Outside) 22
    Panning for Gold Water Attitudes Waterfront 13
    Pioneer Water Race Water Attitudes Dining Hall (Outside) 23
    Reign in Garbage! (EnviroScape Model) Water Protection Eagle's Nest (Front Porch) 38
    Reservoir Rendezvous Water Conservation Dining Hall (Outside) 17
    Riparian Repair Water Protection Waterfront 1
    Rolling Through the Shed Water Protection Baseball Diamond (Hill Beside) 20
    Round You Go, H2O! Water Science Waterfront 2
    Septic Sights/Rural Home Wastewater Treatment Water Technology Dining Hall (Outside) 19
    Settle Down! Water Protection Waterfront 7
    Shoreline Do's & Don'ts (a display) Water Protection Eagle's Nest (Inside Upper Level) 34
    Somethin' Fishy Goin' On Water Science Waterfront 11
    Stream Savers Water Protection Eagle's Nest (Inside Lower Level) 31
    The Fish is Right Water Protection Baseball Diamond Field 26
    The Soap Box Water Attitudes Dining Hall (Outside) 21
    Tread Lightly Water Attitudes The Pines 41
    Turtle Trauma Water Protection The Pines 47
    Unwelcome Guests Water Protection Waterfront 5
    Up on the Watershed Water Attitudes Baseball Diamond Field 27
    Wash Out! Water Attitudes the Pines 42
    Water Does Wonders Water Protection Waterfront 4
    Water Hero Scavenger Hunt Water Attitudes Throughout Festival Grounds, Finish at "The Soap Box" 21
    Water Runs Downhill Water Science Eagle's Nest (Inside Upper Level) 32
    Where Are All the Turtles? Water Protection The Pines 48
    Why So Porous? Water Science Eagle's Nest (Back Porch) 36
    Wonderful Wetlands Water Protection The Pines 43

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