Where Are All the Turtles?

Theme:Water Protection
Location:The Pines
Map #:48


Learn all about turtles and why there aren’t as many as there used to be!  The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre is a registered charity in Peterborough that provides veterinary and rehabilitative care to injured native turtles to eventually release them back into their natural habitat.  With seven of the eight species of Ontario turtles now listed as “Species at Risk”, KTTC also provides a public education program to promote turtle conservation and stewardship.

Presented by the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre.

Monday only!

Key Messages

  • promote turtle conservation and stewardship

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)
    • analyze the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities, taking different perspectives into account, and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts
    • identify factors that affect the ability of plants and animals to survive in a specific habitat
    • identify reasons for the depletion or extinction of a plant or animals species (e.g. changes in or destruction of its habitat), evaluate the impacts on the rest of the natural community, and propose possible actions for preventing such depletions or extinctions from happening
    • explain why changes in the environment have a greater impact on specialized species than on generalized species
    • demonstrate an understanding of why all habitats have limits to the number of plants and animals they can support
  • Understading Life Systems, Grade 6 (Biodiversity)
    • describe ways in which biodiversity within and among communities is important for maintaining the resilience of these communties
    • demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity as the variety of life one earth, including variety within each species of plant and animal, among species of plants and animals in communities, and among communities and the physical landscapes that support them
    • describe ways in which biodiversity within species is important for maintaining the resilience of those species


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