Stream Savers

Theme:Water Protection
Location:Eagle's Nest (Inside Lower Level)
Map #:31
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This activity teaches students how a naturalized stream bank provides a protected environment for aquatic species.  Observation and discussion of the different responses of naturalized versus “manicured” stream banks.

Key Messages

  • Appreciate the value of waterways
  • Learn the role of plants in preserving water quality
  • Small changes can bring positive results in improving water quality in streams and rivers

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)
    • analyze the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities, taking different perspectives into account, and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts
    • use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate ways in which plants and animals in a community depend on features of their habitat to meet important needs
    • identify factors that affect the ability of plants and animals to survive in specific habitats
    • explain why changes in the environment have a greater impact on specialized species than on generalized species
    • demonstrate an understanding of why all habitats have limits to the number of plants and animals they can support
    • describe ways in which humans are dependent on natural habitats and communties
  • Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 5 (Conservation of energy and Resources
    • analyze the long-term impacts on society and the environment of human uses of energy and natural resources, and suggest ways to reduce these impacts
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 6 (Biodiversity)
    • describe ways in which biodiversity within and among communities is important for maintaining the resilience of these communties
    • demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity as the variety of life on earth, including variety within each species of plant and animal, among species of plants and animals in comm unties, and among communities and the physical landscapes that support them
    • describe ways in which biodiversity within species is important for maintaining the resilience of those species
    • describe ways in with biodiversity within and among communities is important for maintaining the resilience of these communities


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