Septic Sights/Rural Home Wastewater Treatment

Theme:Water Technology
Location:Dining Hall (Outside)
Map #:19
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Students will use a hands-on model to trace the path of rural household waste from its source (toilet, sink, shower, etc.) to its place of disposal.

Presented by the Bahai of Haliburton.

Key Messages

  • Water is a limited resource that is essential to life
  • Waste water must be treated or cleaned so that it can be re-used
  • A septic system is one way to clean waste water

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology
  • Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 4 (Rocks and Minerals)
    • use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate how rocks and minerals are used, recycled, and disposed of in everyday life
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)
    • analyze the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities, taking different perspectives into account, and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts
    • describe ways in which humans are dependent on natural habitats and communties
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 5 (Human Organ Systems)
    • assess the effects of social and environmental factors on human health, and propose ways in which individuals can reduce the harmful effects of these factors and take advantage of those that are beenficial
    • evaluate the effects, both beneficial and harmful, of various technologies on human body systems, taking different perspectives into account
  • Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 5 (Conservation of energy and Resources)
    • analyze the long-term impacts on society and the environment of human uses of energy and natural resources, and suggest ways to reduce these impacts
    • evaluate the effect of various technologies on energy consumption, and technologies on energy consumption, and propose ways in which individuals can improve energy conservation
    • identify renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
Social Studies
  • Heritage and Identity, Grade 6 (Communities in Canada, Past and Present)
    • describe significant events or developments in the history of two or more communities in Canada and how these events affected the communities' development and/or identity


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