Reservoir Rendezvous

Theme:Water Conservation
Location:Dining Hall (Outside)
Map #:17
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The purpose of this activity is for students to understand the importance of water management and how it affects our watersheds.  Students will come to understand how reservoir lakes are used by the Trent Severn Waterway and will manage for a variety of needs, such as transportation, by manipulating water levels in a watershed model.

Key Messages

  • Water management is the regulation of water in terms of flow and levels (quantity) in order to decrease flooding, protect fish and wildlife habitat, generate hydro-electric power and to provide for recreational activities such as safe boating.
  • The watershed divide is the point of highest elevation where water from either side flows in different directions. In the Haliburton Highlands area, the watershed divide passes between Kirkfield and the Balsam Lake area.
  • Reservoir lakes are lakes, which are found higher in the watershed,  feed water into the lakes found in the lower portions of the waterway.
  • During the summer, water management focuses on maintaining water levels suitable for transportation (recreational as well as commercial) while minimizing the need to draw water from reservoir lakes.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology
  • Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Grade 5 (Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms)
    • evaluate the impact of society and the environment on structures and mechanisms, taking different perspectives into account, and suggest ways in which structures and mechanisms can be modified to best achieve social and environmental objectives
Social Studies
  • People and Environments, Grade 4 (Political and Physical Regions of Canada)
    • analyze some of the general ways in which the natural environment of regions in Canada has affected the development of industry
    • identify some of the main human activities, including industrial development and recreational activities , in various physical regions of Canada
  • People and Environments, Grade 6 (Canada's Interactions with the Global Community)
    • identify some of the major ways in which the Canadian government interacts with other nations of the world
    • describe Canada's participation in different international accords, organizations, and/or programs
    • identify some significant political, social, and economic interactions between Canada and other regions of the world, and describe some ways in which they affect these regions
    • identify countries/regions with which Canada has a significant economic relationship
Healthy and Physical Education
  • Living Skills, Grade 6 (Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts , and Strategies)
    • perform smooth transfers of weight in relation to others and equipment in a variety of situations involving static and dynamic balance
    • perform a wide variety of locomotor movements, in combination, at different speeds, in different directions, and using different pathways, while moving around others and/or equipment


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