Ontario Provincial Police Marine Unit

Theme:Water Attitudes
Location:Eagle's Nest (Outside)
Map #:24


The OPP Marine Unit was established in 1970 and is responsible for enforcement of Boating Regulations on non-federal waterways, as well as search and rescue.  Members of the Minden OPP Marine Unit will be on site with their boat and equipment to discuss their Marine Policing Duties.

Presented by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Key Messages

  • It is important to know how to be safe on water.
  • The Ontario Provincial Police enforce boating safety on our waters.


Ontario Curriculum Connections

Health and Physical Education
  • Living Skills, Grade 5 (Healthy Living)
    • Identify people (e.g. parents, guardian, neighbours, teachers, crossing guards, police, older students, coaches, elders) and supportive services (e.g., help lines, 9-1-1, Telehealth, public health units, student services) that can assist with injury prevention, emergencies, bullying and abusive and violent situations {PS}


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