Haliburton Fire Crew

Theme:Water Conservation
Map #:8


Haliburton County was home to the first Forest Ranger Training Facility, known as the Leslie M. Frost Centre.  The Ministry of natural Resources Fire Crew will be on site with equipment which demonstrates how to extinguish a forest fire.  Students will get a hands-on demonstration and will discuss issues about open fires and how it can affect our natural environments.

Presented by the Ministry of Natural Resources Haliburton Fire Crew.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology:
  • Understanding Matter and Energy, Grade 5 (Properties and Changes In Matter)
    • follow established safety procedures for working with heating appliances and hot materials
Health and Physical Education:
  • Living Skills, Grade 4 (Active Living)
    • describe common precautions for preventing accidents and injuries while participating in different types of physical activity
  • Living Skills, Grade 6 (Active Living)
    • demonstrate behaviours and apply procedure that maximize their safety and that of others during physical activity
  • Living Skills, Grade 6 (Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts, and Strategies)
    • perform smooth transfers of weight in relation to others and equipment in a variety of situations involving static and dynamic balance
    • perform a wide variety of locomotor movements, in combination, at different speeds, in different directions, and using different pathways, while moving around others and/or equipment


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