Getting to Know the Osprey

Theme:Water Protection
Location:Baseball Diamond Field
Map #:25


A demonstration that introduces students to the biology and ecology of the osprey with an emphasis on its migration.

Presented by Friends of the Osprey.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Science and Technology:
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)
    • analyze the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities, taking different perspectives into account, and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts
    • identify factors that affect the ability of plants and animals to survive in a specific habitat
    • demonstrate an understanding of habitats as areas that provide plants and animals with the necessities of life
    • demonstrate an understanding of a community as a group of interacting species sharing a common habitat
    • describe structural adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive in specific habitats
  • Understanding Life Systems, Grade 6 (Biodiversity)
    • identify and describe the distinguishing characteristics of different groups of plants and animals and use these characteristics to further classify various kinds of plants and animals
    • use scientific inquiry/research skills to compare the characteristics of organisms within the plant or animal kingdoms


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